Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fuji T350 Review

Here is a review of the Fuji T350. I bought this camera a few weeks ago for my wife. I Paid £99 for this camera It has a claimed RRP of £147.97 but since the it has only just been released in January I treat it as a £99 camera. I haven't finished this review yet so I will keep adding to it.

It's available in 5 different colours, Black, Red, Blue, Purple and Pink - I picked Purple. It's a gift for my wife and I am far less likely to borrow it in this colour. I could have bought the pink one but that would just be too embarrasing.

The sensor
It has a 1/2.3 inch 14 mega pixel CCD sensor at ISO 100 to 3200

The lens
It has a 5 - 50mm  lens which is the same as 28 to 280 on a 35mm film camera, a 10 times zoom. It can also shoot at apertures from 3.4 to 5.6 but you can't control this, it's common on cameras at this level that you can't control it. these are two photos shoing the range of the lens.

The first  image was taken at 5mm - 28mm equiv on 35mm film, the second one was taken at 50mm - 280 mm equiv on 35mm film

Max Frames Per Second is 1.1 which again for a P&S camera is about normal.

Video - It will shoot 720p high definition video with sound.

Battery - it comes with a Lithium Ion battery which is rated 230 photos, we have managed 180 photos and about 4 minutes of video on one charge.
Screen - It has a 3 inch rear screen.

Storage - the camera will take SDHC memory cards, I have been using it with an 8gb class 10 card.


Blink Detect - tells you when a somebody in your photo has blinked during the photo so you can then take another one straight away.

Panorama Mode, this isn't as simple as a sweep panorama mode, here you take one shot, two crosses apear on screen and you line them up, the camera then takes another photo and then repeate. the camera then stiches the three images together. You have to keep the camera still between taking the shots or they don't line up - I have taken an example below, you can see it lines up for the first stitch but not the second one.

I prefer sweep panorama to this as it's more intuative and your less likely to have it go wrong like above.

Face detect - this is interesting if you upload to facebook etc or like to tag your friends so you can search your photos for them. You can take a photo of somebody and log it in the camera. Then when you take a photo of them again it can recognise them and tag them for you. It works on my wife but I keep going from clean shaved to stubble and it sometimes doesn't tag me in.

Other features/modes are landscape, portrait mode, baby, party/indoor, sports mode, sunset, beach, night, fireworks, snow, natural light, natural light & with flash, smile shot, text, flower.

some more photo's 
A baby chick, taken by my 4year old daughter

A photo of me, again taken by my daughter

 And a couple more to show the zoom range
I will upload a few more.

Overall I'd recomend this camera to somebody wanting a point and shoot camera around the £100 mark, I wouldn't pay the £150 RRP though. If I were to give it marks out of 5 I'd give it a 4, I am sure there are better out there but for ths price it does all I would expect it to.